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see Martínez Ruiz, JoséMartínez Ruiz, José
, 1873?–1967, Spanish writer. He often used the pseudonym Azorín. A political radical in the 1890s, he moved steadily to the right.
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Dentro del contexto espanol, la prosa vanguardista de Jarnes continua la renovacion del genero iniciada ya en esta prodigiosa Edad de plata por autores como Azorin y Unamuno, dos de sus grandes influencias a la hora de expresar una realidad no sujeta a las expectativas del publico.
This association anchors the movement in the transnational nature of global capitalism and modernization, simultaneously disaccrediting the nationalistic criticisms of the likes of Pedro Lain Entralgo in La generacion del noventayocho, Pedro Salinas in "Un conflicto entre dos espiritus," and a smattering of articles by Azorin written in between 19101913.
One of the most challenging treatment goals in bipolar I disorder is to address mixed episodes, where both manic and depressive symptoms are present," said Professor Jean-Michel Azorin, Professor of Psychiatry at the Mediterranean University School of Medicine.
Segun Azorin, los poemas de Becquer destacan por "exasperada sensibilidad", no son como otros poemas influidos por un tono brillante ni por la belleza dibujada del mundo exterior.
Hemingway attempted to pacify Baroja, remarking, "I have come to tell you that you deserved the Nobel more than me, even more than Unamuno, Azorin or Don Machado.
Myths can be adapted to the philosophical attitudes of each author and act as a channel for his thoughts: the course of time in Azorin, the disestablishment of the "I" in Miguel de Unamuno or ethics in Antonio Machado.
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Model: Rada Trifunov Make-up: Inma Azorin This stunning red and black mesh and lace unpadded babydoll is girly, gorgeous and glam.
Starring: Eloy Azorin, Albert Espinosa, and Teresa Hurtado De Ory.
closely examines the short stories of such canonical writers as Dario, Najera, Azorin, Unamuno, Valle-Inclan and Manuel Diaz Rodriguez and analyzes the roles of female characters, many of whom are either confronting traditional power, restructuring it, or building anew.
Rodriguez Lozano became something of a mentor for Henestrosa, first by helping him enroll at the more prestigious National Preparatory School ("La Prepa"), where he would spend three years, and giving him books to read by contemporary writers like Juan Ramon Jimenez, Ramon Maria del Valle-Inclan, Jose Martinez Ruiz Azorin, Ruben Dario, and Gabriela Mistral to improve his Spanish.