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The structural features of common indexes, such as the B-tree or hashed table enforce highly precise localisation to achieve the best possible search efficiency.
Hash organised tables are, in short, for static data, while B-trees might be used more appropriately for both systems as they provide good concurrency and flexible queries.
These indexes provide a powerful alternative to conventional B-tree indexes, hash clusters and bit maps.
Thus Adaptive Addressing is significantly less disk - I/O bound during index maintenance operations than either its B-Tree or Hash counterparts.
We are excited to welcome Martin Hahn to the management team of B-Tree Systems," said Promod Haque, General Partner, Norwest Venture Partners, a primary investor in B-Tree.
Our Validor technology successfully emerged into the embedded systems market from the medical industry where it is the standard test and verification system for life-critical applications," states Moses Joseph, president and CEO of B-Tree Systems.
These enhancements further underscore our commitment to help customers simplify and expand their product testing to improve quality while significantly reducing test cycle time," states David Irwin, president & CEO of B-Tree Systems.
With B-Tree and McCabe's partnership, automated testing and verification are now as exhaustive as they are reliable -- without the high costs often associated with this level of testing," states Moses Joseph, president and CEO of B-Tree Systems.
11 /PRNewswire/ -- Answering the need for year 2000 (Y2K) solutions in embedded systems applications, B-Tree Systems(TM) Inc.
developers to easily ensure product reliability, B-Tree Systems, the
The move from a CERN server to a NetScape server broke our database links, as we were expecting, but Unify's b-tree schema was very robust at establishing them again.
Unidata's database produces fast updates and powerful database access, and can integrate B-Tree and soundex indexing to our applications, increasing the speed of data retrieval," said Geac Public Safety Manager Molly Crews.