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A B-spline curve is a piecewise polynomial connected continuously by the small curve segments.
OpenGL provides a high-level interface for non-uniform, rational, B-spline (NURBS) curves and surfaces (Shreiner et al.
This exponential B-spline is time-limited [5, 6] as
Then the general cubic B-spline has a unique representation in the range a [lesser than or equal to] x [lesser than or equal to] b of the form
B-splines provide convenient basis functions due to their compact support and other favourable properties (Ramsay and Silverman, 2005; Poyton et al.
AGGARWAL, Fitted mesh B-spline collocation method for solving self-adjoint singularly perturbed boundary value problems, Appl.
If P(t) is the position vector along the B-spline curve then it is represented by-
When the weighting factors of NURBS surfaces are assigned in a homogeneous way and their values are ones, the NURBS model is reduced to a particular case known as B-Spline surfaces, which are limited in the representation of free form and conic surfaces.
A new mathematical programming technique using B-spline interpolation has been shown to provide more accurate placement of fibers, smoother machine control, and higher performance during filament winding of complex shapes, according to a paper presented by Shaiq A.
The varied subject matter includes: dynamic analysis of cutter head systems in tunnel boring machines, video vehicle detection based on local features, a semantic metadata describing video information based on ontology, the product of two B-spline functions, parallelizing network coding using CUDA, stochastic simulation of bus traveling time, query optimization based on data provenance, cloud computing: cloud security to trusted cloud, and an efficient data stream clustering algorithm based on dynamic grids.
Their grid alignment technique and associated data structures reduce the complexity of B-spline registration and can be extended to perform multimodal image registration by utilizing the mutual information similarity metric.
In comparison, the (polynomial) cardinal B-spline [B.