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The news comes amid reports from the BBC of severely waning interest in traditional listening trends via older forms of radio frequencies.
However the BBC was quick to emphasize that "audiences in the region can access BBC World Service and BBC Arabic on 90.
We are excited to be expanding our distribution and that the full portfolio of channels, encapsulating the quality, breadth and depth of our programming, will be available to Hong Kong Cable subscribers," commented Mark Whitehead, senior vice-president and general manager, BBC Worldwide Channels Asia.
To many, that suggests Tehran sees BBC Persian TV as a very significant threat.
There is no reason why the BBC should restrict its racing coverage to so few days a year.
The move will bring the BBC One and BBC Two channels online in fully streamable forms, joining several - BBC Three, BBC Four, CBBC, Cbeebies, and BBC News - that are already broadcasting both online and on-air.
In other words, the BBC is legally required to record its TV and radio output off-air to enable the corporation to answer complaints from the listening and viewing public.
A survey carried out for the Annual Report found 48% of the public supported funding the BBC through the licence fee, compared with 29% for advertising and 20% for subscription.
But James Purnell, director of strategy and digital at the BBC, revealed the total was being increased to 300 by creating a HR Service Centrein the city.
The BBC also wants to find BBC Music Day's Unsung Heroes - celebrating anyone who stands out for their dedication to music.
I am delighted to be working as part of the team at BBC Advertising, where I have the chance to work with BBC Worldwide's great brands and content at the same time as keeping professional links with my own country by working closely with businesses and other partners in Bulgaria," Tina Maratilova commented.
Members of the NUJ are also contributing to the broader investigation into harassment and bullying across the BBC.