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If the city and BFI cannot reach a compromise, the council can cancel the Sunshine Canyon contract March 17.
BFI will seek suitable candidates immediately for the CFO position.
BFI officials were not at the council meeting and did not return phone calls.
BFI officials already have said they have no plans to reopen talks.
In Sun Valley, the Teamsters have rallied to support BFI competitor, Waste Management, which has proposed to expand Bradley Landfill and build a transfer station.
In his capacity as Vice President Integration, and because he was a key member of the merger and integration team that managed BFI Canada's acquisition of IESI, Mr.
North Valley Coalition member Mary Edwards was furious and charged that BFI had failed to comply with all of the nearly 200 conditions set by the City Council when it approved the landfill in 1999.
BFI has played hardball a long time and always had its way over the public interest.
But while BFI managers said they're willing to pay the appropriate fees, they said the city is charging the company for two years of inspection and oversight -- at roughly $400,000 a year -- at the landfill when it wasn't even open yet.
We've made significant concessions to get this passed,'' said BFI District Manager Greg Loughnane, citing $60 million the company will pay toward developing waste-to-energy projects and recycling programs.
BFI officials reportedly are willing to let Los Angeles divert less than 600 tons.