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backflow preventer

backflow preventer for a hose connection
A device used to prevent water (or other liquids) from being siphoned into a potable water system.
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Finding the correct inputs was a continuously evolving process that assessed whether or not the information requested actually benefited the BFP.
This was attributed to the fact that the soil organic C content under SFT was generally above the average values in this area, whereas that under GLF and BFP more closely typifies its low values in the soils.
Articulate your distinctiveness in your BFP in terms of your pricing policy, product range and the unique selling proposition (USP) you provide your customers.
Moreover, no other potential locus of social influence, apart from residency school (on average, a dozen years antecedent in the study's sample, and up to 25 years distant), seems to have been considered by BFP.
BFP supporters have sent hundreds of letters of protest to Abitibi and the Canadian government.
BFP is actually based in Newark, New Jersey, home of parent group American Family Publishers, who were sued in the States last year for deceptive adverts.
NEW YORK, March 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Mind Evolve Software, a leading publisher of brain-training software, today announced the launch of Mind Sparke BFP Junior.
Both colleges will also receive supplies throughout the year of Pura's premium range of Peerless Delta cake margarine, New Twix pastry margarine, Snowcap white shortening, and Hyray hi-ratio shortening, all from nominated Pura Foods distributor BFP Wholesale.
Baughman says most states fund programs similar to the BFP, which provides various technical assistance grants for feasibility studies and research and product development in Pennsylvania.
From the outset, BFP Sotheby's International Realty will be charged with spearheading an aggressive broker program with improved commissions, an annual top producer's dinner, and various ongoing incentives.