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Initially, there were the letters, but as e-mail became available on the IBM VM mainframes at Indiana and Northwestern, we began using this new technology, and by the time we were working on the board together, we were regular users of e-mail over BITNET.
With the LISTSERV file server, a user sent a request for a file to LISTSERV, and the file was sent in an e-mail message (or for users of BITNET, the file was delivered directly to the user's inbox).
Most computer departments brought the new servers up on the Internet, which offered greater speed than BITNET and communicated more easily across networks.
The LISTSERV software, which ran only on the IBM VM operating system over the BITNET network, was tied to aging technologies that were quickly becoming obsolete.
Although many readers will not have access to BITNET, it is possible to access many of the BBSs directly from a person's home computer system.
This is the major advantage to BITNET users as there are no charges for the transfer of messages or files to other BITNET users.
Thus it is possible to read EMUSIC-L, a BITNET LISTSERV list, using a news reader under the category bit.
A list of all BITNET LISTSERV lists is maintained by BITNIC while the list of Internet lists is available from the Network Information Systems Center at SRI.
The list of BITNET lists may be obtained by sending an email message to LISTSERV[at]BITNIC.