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Primary product lines include: SPSS for a variety of business solutions, SYSTAT and BMDP for scientific analysis, and QI Analyst for manufacturing and quality improvement applications.
BMDP has not yet made all of those algorithms available in the Windows(TM) environment.
All data were evaluated for statistical significance using the BMDP software (Los Angeles, CA, USA) (Dixon et al.
BMDP lets operators assign popularity values to content on file and distributes entire programs or starter segments to the network edge.
EQS: Structural Equations Program Manual, Los Angeles: BMDP Statistical Software 1993.
We performed life-table analysis (using BMDP Program 1L) to compare the typical-use pregnancy rates of the two groups.
The bioenhancing potential of Cosmoperine was also evaluated in experiments with the steroidal antiinflammatory drug betamethasone dipropionate, or BMDP, and a topical antioxidant compound derived from turmeric root (Curcuma longa, Fam.
EQS structural relations program manual Los Angeles, CA: BMDP Statistical Software.
Survival Analysis with Covariates--Cox Models," in BMDP Statistical Software Manual, Volume 2, edited by W.
This is not surprising since BMDP has been creating statistical packages for mainframes for a long time.
The stepwise logistic regression program from BMDP Statistical Software, Inc.