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Lot 1 1468 piece headsets BSOD (of which 988 pieces as a minimum amount and 480 pieces as a contractual amount for the years 2015 to 2019), 1468 piece Bluetooth adapter (as a contractual amount for the years 2015 to 2019), 1468 piece mind sets ( as a contractual amount for the years 2015-2019) and 1468 pieces loops with Euro plug (as a contractual amount for the years 2015 to 2019);
More importantly, it was from a place that I will now go back to the next time I get the BSOD.
The acrostic verses of the dedication refer to Bla ma dam pa bsod nams rgyal mtshan dpal bzangpo and Shakya Ye shes (lines 16-18): om a mtshungs reed chos kyi rje bsod nams zbabs la na mo/ on a dpal Idan bla ma dam pa la na tool mo/ om a amo gha shri bba Ira la na mo/om a shakya rgyal tshab 'gro ba'i skyabs cig po la na mo/ om a Ye shes Inga' Idan sku bzhi lhun grub/ om a byams chen mkhyen rtse'i (sic brtse) mnga' bdag rin chen po che la na mo/ om a chos kyi rgyal po zbal snga na la na mo/ om a bdag bsod rgyal gnang la na mo// ( This is followed by lines 18-23, of mantra verses.
lt;p>Several users tentatively identified the MS10-015 update as the one which triggered the BSOD, and claimed that uninstalling that security fix -- which was labeled as KB977165 -- returned their PC to working condition.
This reduction in bSOD was partially offset by increased first quarter 1996 sales of bSOD to the company's Spanish distributor.
18) And, as indicated by Stag tshang Lo tsa ba Shes rab fin chen's (1405-after 1477) study of the five domains of knowledge (rig gnas lnga), Dpang Lo tsa ba Blo gros brtan pa (1276-1342) and his main disciple and maternal nephew Lo tsa ba Byang chub rtse mo (1303-80), together with Bla ma dam pa Bsod nams rgyal mtshan (1312-75), had subsumed the texts of Dignaga and Dharmakirti under the rubric of abhidharma, unambiguously suggesting therewith their inclusion in the corpus of treatises that have to do with Buddhist soteriology.
Now, with the FDA's Orphan Drug status, we can design clinical trials to further test the effectiveness of bSOD as an enzyme replacement therapy to counteract this deficiency.
The first is the versified biography-cum-eulogy in thirty-eight verses by Khro phu Lo tsa ba Byams pa[`i] dpal (1172-1236), entitled Pan chen shakya shri'i rnam thar [bsdus pa], or, alternatively, Dpal chos kyi rje sa'i steng na 'gran zla dang bral ba'i bsod snyoms pa chen po / pandi ta chen po shakya shri'i rnam thar bsdus pa, hereafter abbreviated as KHRO, whereas the second is Bsod nams dpal bzang po's Sa'i steng na 'gran zla dang bral ba kha che pandi ta shakya shri bhadra'i rnam thar, hereafter abbreviated as BSOD.
When I start up in the morning will I get one of those BSODs (blue screens of death) telling me that I have changed some hardware or software that's been running for weeks?