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The BUE president could not be reached for comment.
Sd said: "We are not just representing BUE, we represent Egypt.
Omar El Alfy, the BUE student union president, reported that Hamza's resignation was sent in a letter to the board of trustees.
BUE students have confronted the university administration in the past.
As BUE is a private university, its students tend to come from a higher caliber of society, although it does offer scholarships which range from 50 percent up to a 100 percent full scholarships, so working with people of different socioeconomic classes with a misunderstood profession can prove challenging.
That is also why all of us who went to Dubai were winners," added the promising BUE student.
Ties are: Blyth Town Whites v Red House Farm Eagles, Burradon v Berwick Rangers, Newcastle East End Juniors Whites v Heaton Hawks Juniors Hawks Montagu and N/Fenham BC Bues v Hexham Juniors, Ashington CFC Juniors v Wallsend B.
The down and dirty Garage Bues was a real highlight, while Forever mixed sparse, emotive verses with explosive choruses to great effect.
Edinburgh beat the Bues at the start of the season and Bradley said: "Cardiff are six points and two places above us so it's plain to see the value of another win.
Bues di ar ddet gyda Jan a Celt, ceffyl a chi doberman.
The fallen Ibrox giants were demoted to the Third Division on Friday but discussions about creating an SPL2, or even sensationally reinstating the Light Bues to the top flight, are taking place in a bid to save million pound TV and sponsorship deals and prevent SPL clubs going to the wall.
Ar y bore Sadwrn y bues i'n cyfri ac efallai fod y ffaith ei bod yn ddiwrnod mor heulog wedi amharu ar nifer yr adar ddaeth i'r ardd.