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Among the symbols, the sign of Tanit becomes ubiquitous, while Tanit herself comes before Baal Hammon in the dedication.
The stelae nevertheless retained their votive character, as a typical inscription demonstrates: `To the Lady Tanit Pene Baal and the Lord Baal Hammon, that which X son of Y has vowed, because he has heard his voice and blessed him'.
Such an offering of first fruits would agree with the findings from Carthage that in the sixth century, the bones were those of newborn or very young children, commemorated by a simple statement of the sacrifice made to Baal Hammon -- the corn god, Dagon.
118-19) he is forced to come to terms with the hypothesis that Baal Hammon is a title of the divinity El.
However that may be, Xella only allows himself to go so far as to admit that Baal Hammon is to be identified with a deity "du type d'El" (p.
It is also the best and most complete study of the divinity Baal Hammon.