Mihály Babits

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Babits, Mihály


Born Nov. 26, 1883, in Szekszárd; died Aug. 4, 1941, in Budapest. Hungarian poet.

Babits graduated from the University of Budapest. His first verses were published in the collection Holnap (1908); in 1909 he published a collection of verses Leaves From the Wreath of Iris. In the poem “Before Easter” (1916), Babits came out against the imperialist war; later he condemned fascism (the narrative poem The Book of Jónás 1941). Beginning in 1916 he was one of the editors of the literary-social magazine Nyugat. He translated Dante’s Divine Comedy into Hungarian. Babits also wrote novels (Sons of Death, 1927; and others) and essays (Life and Literature, 1929). He was the author of History of European Literature (1934).


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Babits, Jim Piecuch, and others, thereby exposing students to historiography.
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With World War I and its aftermath, the Trianon Peace Treaty (1920), which erased the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, the greatest Hungarian poets (Endre Ady, Mihaly Babits, Dezso Kosztolanyi, Attila Jozsef, and Miklos Radnoti, just to mention a few twentieth-century bards) continued to reinforce Hungary's memorial tradition and struggled for what they felt constituted the soul of the Magyars.
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Next to Attila Jozsef, Miklos Radnoti is the best-known Hungarian poet of our age as a matter of fact, of any age, since Petofi, Weores, and Babits never managed to have a strong impact abroad.
Here Frigyesi moves with ease between Bartok's personal relationships with women and literary evocations of loneliness and romantic love by his contemporaries, including Ady, Bela Balazs, and Mihaly Babits.
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The authors of the poems are Balint Balassi, Daniel Berzsenyi, Sandor Petofi, Mihaly Babits, Attila Jozsef, Gyula Illyes, and Sandor Weores.
Doug Scott, Gerald Gates, Susan Bain, Chris Adams, Diane White, Lawrence Babits and Charles Haecker--all working in the USA--outlined the development of techniques first used at the Little Bighorn and their application to other sites: of the various `Indian' wars, the US Civil War and wars with Britain and Mexico.
It is mainly the literature of the past that gains his approval; among his contemporaries he has a good word only for Babits, and maybe the Catholic writer Gyorgy Ronay, whose definition of himself as "an Erasmus of the Balkans" he accepts with some reservation.
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