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The Roman bacchanalia can be taken as a useful example, and the ethnologist Hans Peter Durr offers a host of similar festivities in cultures all over the world which mark special times in which licentiousness and promiscuity reign supreme (Durr 30-55 and passim).
Thirty years later, the drug-fueled bacchanalia that symbolized the area in the '80s has largely disappeared.
It's shorthand for a certain sort of weekend-long celebration of bacchanalia that was indulged in by many of Belfast's scenesters some 13 or 14 years ago.
The Home Quarter provides five floors of shopping space for a range of furniture, art and accessories concessions who rent spaces, including Bacchanalia Cook Shop, Stocktons, Collins & Hayes and Hothouse Interiors.
Which is what made the Bobby Chinn media bacchanalia such a gag-inducing spectacle.
FIRST DAY BACCHANALIA (ROMAN) 1888: The first recorded sale of a manufactured motor car was to Emile Roger of Paris, who bought a petrol-driven Benz.
He has this to say about the social havoc brought about by a permissive attitude toward unchecked homosexual behavior: "As gay liberation took hold, gay males, feeling ebullient from their new-found freedom, descended into a bacchanalia of narcissism and promiscuity.
Not condoning the libertine activities of the muster gathering, a form of male bacchanalia affording men a temporary escape from the social restrictions of marriage, Mrs.
They are part of an enormous late-spring bacchanalia that begins with clematis and peonies and embraces catmint, larkspur and the first of the roses and lavender,.
A festival that was celebrated in a cropped cornfield or a barn and usually disintegrated into bacchanalia of energetic dance, music and drinking became more sane, moral and focused in the Christian era.
What it describes is a Bacchanalia, an orgiastic rite, during which the discipline that Aschenbach has prided himself upon, and that has been slowly eroding beneath his obsession with Tadzio, finally gives way, freeing him to join--wholeheartedly, disastrously--the ranks of Dionysus' worshippers.
Instead of erotic frenzy and drunken bacchanalia, the early Christians introduced the sobriety of agape and of the Eucharistic gatherings.