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(băkĭl`ĭdēz), fl. c.470 B.C., Greek lyric poet, b. Ceos; nephew of Simonides of Ceos. A contemporary of Pindar, he was patronized by Hiero I. His poetry is noted for its narrative powers, clarity, and lucidity. A number of Bacchylides' epinicia and dithyrambs were among the verses recovered from an Egyptian papyrus (text published by F. G. Kenyon, The Poems of Bacchylides, 1897).


See A. P. Burnett, The Art of Bacchylides (1985).

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He died amid prosperity and dithyrambs from all the poets he'd brought to live in Athens, a thousand aliens singing Pindar and Bacchylides.
The text is accompanied by an introduction, chronology, a note on the Persian Wars, and seven new maps in this edition, along with background texts by Aeschylus, Bacchylides, Thucydides, Aristotle, and Plutarch, and a new selection from the tract "Air, Waters, Places" attributed to the School of Hippocrates and contrasting accounts by Diodorus and Strabo of the Amazons.
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2) This is probably the victory to which Bacchylides (5.
After his next victory, at Olympia in 476, (9) the horse gets far more attention: both Pindar and Bacchylides devote lines to him.
29) In the same vein, the one 'non-mythical myth' in the victory odes of Pindar and Bacchylides is the moving story of Croesus on the pyre.
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College, London) has selected from his complete two-volume edition of Greek lyric poet Bacchylides (520-450 BC), and translated and revised the German commentary for English readers.