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a. a person who holds the degree of Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Science, etc
b. the degree itself
2. (in the Middle Ages) a young knight serving a great noble
3. bachelor seal a young male seal, esp a fur seal, that has not yet mated

What does it mean when you dream about a bachelor?

Bachelors can represent being alone; the feeling of loneliness. Could indicate a desire for freedom, particularly if the dreamer is married.

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Twenty-seven-year-old Ariel Shaw completed the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Film and Television) in 2013.
The graduates of this program will have a Bachelor of Fine Arts from one of the nation's top film schools and the very latest digital animation skills, making them well-educated and job-ready for the most competitive, high-skill careers in the film industry," said College of Motion Picture Arts Dean Frank Patterson.
She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design from Miami University, and holds a certificate from The National Certification of Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ).
The school will initially offer Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in digital media, graphic design, and visual communication concentrations.
The deadline for VCUQatar's Bachelor of Fine Arts applications is March 1.
SAN ANTONIO -- The Southwest School of Art & Craft, San Antonio's community art school, announced today that it will develop a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree program, making it the only independent, degree-granting art school in Texas.
Franko, a 2010 graduate of Syracuse University, where she obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Advertising Design, joins Avison Young from the Mayo Performing Arts Center located in Morristown.
Willis, who is currently completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design at Arkansas State University, has received multiple local awards and has completed freelance work for media, business and nonprofit organizations.
Gibson holds a bachelor of fine arts from the University of Oklahoma, a master of fine arts from the University of North Texas, and a doctor of education degree from Texas Tech University.
She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design from the University of Minnesota Duluth, and is experienced in both digital and print graphic design as well as photography.
After receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Rhode Island School of Design in 1948, Shirley worked in Philadelphia as a children's apparel designer, following which she free-lanced as an illustrator and graphic designer.
After graduating with a bachelor of fine arts degree in painting from the University of Mississippi, Ford realized a natural talent for photography.

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