Johann Jakob Bachofen

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Bachofen, Johann Jakob


Born Dec. 22, 1815, in Basel; died there on Nov. 25, 1887. Swiss legal historian.

Bachofen laid the foundations for the study of the history of the family. In his work Matriarchal Law (1861) and others he put forth the thesis of the universal historical development of primitive mankind from an original promiscuity (“heterism”) to matriarchal and later to patriarchal law. Bachofen erroneously viewed the evolution of religious ideas as the basis of this development. After criticizing and rejecting Bachofen’s idealistic ideas, K. Marx and F. Engels made use of his work in creating a materialistic conception of primitive history.


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The discourse on a matriarchal or gynocentric prehistory, on the other hand, extends back to nineteenth century works such as the far-from-feminist Mother Right by Jacob Bachofen (1861).
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But the concept was known long before that period to Johann Jakob Bachofen in Switzerland (Bachofen, 1861) whose theory of cultural evolution inspired a whole generation of ethnologists and anthropologists including Henry Lewis Morgan (Ancient Society) and Friedrich Engels (Origins of the Family, Private Property and the State).
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Creuzer's Symbolism and the Matriarchy of the old Bachofen, Jacob Burckhardt's History of Greek Culture and Erwin Rohde's Psyche (the magnum opus of Nietzsche's friend from his university days, who warned him early on: "You don't deduce enough.
JOHAN JAKOB BACHOFEN, DAS MUTTERRECHT (1861) (Mutterrecht translates to "Mother Right.
Though Basel was a small university, and could seem so provincial that its professor of philosophy, Gustav Teichmuller, was glad to leave his chair for one in Dorpat (now Tartu in Estonia), it had a remarkable intellectual tradition in which the names of Johann Jakob Bachofen and Jacob Burckhardt are pre-eminent.