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And Bush Backrub, a game that lampooned the President's awkward massaging of a European head of state and has seen more than 1 million game plays, is also at the new destination.
The two therapists will use the best of western and eastern bodywork techniques, especially the 'shiatsu' method - providing a backrub which can be powerfully effective in as little as 10 minutes.
The Great American BackRub store specializes in stress relief products, as well as fully clothed back and foot massages, administered by fully licensed massage therapists.
formerly known as The Great American BackRub Store, Inc.
OTC BB:IDII) today announced that its subsidiary, The Great American BackRub, Inc.
June 23 /PRNewswire/ -- The Great American BackRub Stores, Inc.
He presently serves on the Board of Directors of the Great American Backrub Store Inc.
The Great American BackRub is a development stage company engaged in the creation of a national chain of company - owned and franchised retail stores under the name "The Great American BackRub Store," which offer reasonably-priced back rubs to customers while they are seated and fully clothed in a clean, open, non-threatening environment.
Stress-relieving backrubs from The Great American Backrub
Nasdaq: MHMY) of Jersey City, New Jersey announced today that it entered into an Investment Banking Agreement with The Great American Backrub Store, Inc.
Doner will be responsible for brand identification, strategic planning and print and radio advertising for The Great American BackRub Stores, Inc.