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cloud storage

A backup and storage service on the Internet. Cloud storage providers generally let users upload any size and type of computer file, whereas e-mail attachments often have limitations. Also called "online storage" and "public cloud storage," a customer's files are downloaded to anyone's computer with a Web browser and password. Many providers are freemium based, offering a limited number of gigabytes of storage for free and higher capacities for a fee. Some are entirely fee based. See e-mail attachment.

Backup or Storage
Although any remote storage can be used to upload a file for backup, providers dedicated to "backup as a service" (BaaS) perform automatic uploading and may keep multiple revisions of a file. Mozy Pro is an example of enterprise-level backup. Professional storage services designed for sharing such as Box and Dropbox make it easy to invite people to download files. See media sharing site.

Keeping the same files in sync on every device of an individual user is another feature of many storage providers. Major companies such as Microsoft, Apple and Google tout their cloud synchronization as an incentive to keep users within the fold.

Content Management/Delivery
Cloud storage providers that keep data for automatic downloading to a user's application or Web page fall under the "content management" umbrella (see CDN). See cloud computing, cloud storage gateway, cloud music storage, S3 cloud storage, Amazon Glacier and external storage.
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A customer service officer, who refused to give his name, said the backup site provides content for its paying members to download course material to allow them to continue their lessons -- though not in hacking.
Save files you can't afford to lose in more than one place, whether it's a USB drive, CD or DVD disc, removable hard drive, backup tape or Internet backup site, with one backup ideally being offsite.
US space agency Nasa said the shuttle glided to a smooth landing at the backup site at Edwards Air Force Base on Sunday after aborting its first landing attempt due to dangerously high winds and a stormy sky.
Annual risk audits are conducted by 69% of mid-market companies, and 53% of mid-markets report that they conduct regular mitigation activities and backup site activation.
6 acres as a possible backup site for a new brewery and is simultaneously working to purchase an existing brewery 60 miles outside of Philadelphia for $55 million.
Our backup site is in the center of our new judicial building, which sits on one of the highest ridges in the county.
Perhaps you are you being asked to measure business impact of downtime or are looking to modify or improve your backup site and strategy?
Morgan Stanley, for example, has a site in Westchester, and Citigroup's backup site is also within a 30-mile radius.
The Santa Clarita Valley Facilities Foundation is in preliminary discussions to purchase property near Hasley Canyon and Del Valle roads, land intended as a backup site for the proposed Castaic High School, said Rick Patterson, the group's president.
recovery of computer backup files, transfer of data to the computer backup site, and operation of the backup site itself.
NYSE Chairman Grasso has stated that these facilities are too close to Wall Street to act as an effective backup site, and alternate sites are currently being evaluated.
Since its loss, all major television stations, with one exception, are using the Empire State Building as their primary transmission center but have lacked an adequate backup site.