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Badakhshan, autonomous province, Tajikistan


autonomous province, Tajikistan: see Gorno-BadakhsanGorno-Badakhshan
or Badakhshan,
Tajik Kuhistoni Badakhshon, autonomous province (1991 est. pop. 167,100), c.24,600 sq mi (63,710 sq km), roughly constituting the eastern half of Tajikistan, in the Pamir.
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Badakhshan, province, Afghanistan


(bädäkhshän`, bədəkhshän`), province (1979 est. pop. 497,000), 17,011 sq mi (44,059 sq km), extreme NE Afghanistan, between the Hindu Kush Mts. and the Amu Darya River. The capital is FaizabadFaizabad
or Feyzabad
, city (1992 est. pop. 9,098), capital of Badakhshan prov., NE Afghanistan, on the Kokcha River. The chief commercial and administrative center of NE Afghanistan and the Pamir region, Faizabad also has rice and flour mills.
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. Renowned for its mineral wealth, it is the world's chief source of lapis lazuli, a semiprecious stone. The deposits have been worked for more than 3,000 years. Rubies, emeralds, amethysts, and gold have also been mined. Mountain goats and the famed Marco Polo wild sheep are hunted in the province. Some agriculture and sheep and goat herding are also practiced. In 1859 it became a part of Afghanistan. Badhakshan's most distinctive feature is the Vakhan (Wakhan Corridor), a long narrow panhandle that passes between Tajikistan in the north and Pakistan in the south, linking Afghanistan with the XinjiangXinjiang
or Sinkiang
[Chinese,=new frontier], officially Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (Mandarin Xinjiang Uygur Zizhiqu), autonomous region (2010 pop. 21,813,334), c.637,000 sq mi (1,650,257 sq km), NW China.
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 region in China. Badakhshan was once part of the ancient Greek kingdom of BactriaBactria
, ancient Greek kingdom in central Asia. Its capital was Bactra, present-day Balkh in N Afghanistan. Before the Greek conquest, the region was an eastern province of the Persian Empire.
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. Many of its inhabitants are Tajiks.
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At least no living man could ascertain whether it was by way of Balkh, Badakshan, Chitral, Beluchistan, or Nepaul, or anywhere else.
According to people in the Pamir Mountains of Badakshan, Marco Polo sheep migrate into Tajikistan for grazing when heavy snows fall in the Pamir Mountains during winter.
Jaweed, Chief of the Highway Police for Badakshan Province.
Aqa Noor Kentuz, the police chief for Badakshan province, said the "bullet-riddled" bodies of six Germans, two Americans and three Afghans were found early on Saturday.
During the summer of 2008, American ornithologist Robert J Timmins was commissioned by the American aid organisation USAID to compile an inventory of bird species in the Badakshan province in north-eastern Afghanistan.
Al Jazeera andrsquo;s James Bays, reporting from Kabul, said: "Rabbani was on his way to his home province of Badakshan and travelling through Kunduz when there was an attack.
The Afghan Wireless Microwave Ring connects the North of the Country in Mazar, Takhar, Badakshan and Kunduz to Kabul over the Salang, which is further connected in the South to Kandahar and Spinboldak.
Located in the extreme northwest of the North West Frontier Province, it has the Afghan provinces of Badakshan to the west and Wakhan to the north, the Northern Areas of Pakistan to the east, and the Districts of Dir and Swat to the south.
KAByL (CyHAN)- Turkish Charity organization Kimse Yok Mu and Turkish Schools in Afghanistan delivered next party of aid consisting of food and other basic requirements for the Afghani families who lost their homes in Friday's landslide in northeastern Badakshan province.
According to people in the Pamir Mountains of Badakshan, Marco Polo sheeps migrate into Tajikistan for grazing when heavy snows fall in the Pamir Mountains during winter.
KAByL (CyHAN)- WFP has distributed food rations to 700 families who have lost their homes in Friday's landslide in Argo, Badakshan province of Afghanistan.
Takhar, Badakshan, and Baghlan: school symposiums; drawing competitions; and the opening of 16 school classroom in Chaab district, a beneficiary