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a people in Cameroon, inhabiting the highlands between the Mbam and the Noun rivers.

Some of the Bamileke live in the city of Douala or in its vicinity. The Bamileke and related tribes such as the Bamum (Mum; self-designation Shupamen) and others number about 1 million (1967 estimate). The language spoken by the Bamileke is one of the eastern Bantoid languages. Most of the Bamileke are Muslims, but some adhere to local traditional beliefs. Their basic occupation is agriculture (corn, cassava, and peanuts). The Bamileke also work on banana, coffee, and quinine plantations and at the seaport of Douala.


Peoples of the Central Cameroons. London, 1954.
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Addressing a press conference Abda, Fauzia, sobiya, Shahzia bagam and others condemned the said injustice of government.
Colonel Ahmad Abdul Rahman Al Bagam, acting director of RAK operation room, added that a number of drivers tend to lose their focus and disregard traffic and road rules and standards of safe driving in their hurry to get to their destination.
Colonel Al Bagam said officers will be working in shifts to ensure there are enough staff to cover the period.
Officers who have ended their fast will take the place of those who were on duty at iftar time, Al Bagam added.
Colonel Al Bagam said that police will be on the lookout for stunt drivers who endanger the lives of motorists and pedestrians.