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1. a board game in which balls are struck into holes, with pins as obstacles; pinball
2. another name for bar billiards
3. a short light piece of music, esp for piano



a short instrumental piece, especially for the piano. The term was first used by F. Couperin. Bagatelles for the piano were composed by Beethoven (three series of pieces), A. K. Liadov, and B. Bartok. A. Dvorak and A. Webern wrote bagatelles for instrumental chamber ensembles.


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Each Bagatelle expresses a different mood using experiments in tonality and form in which the Lekkers revelled.
These titled imaginative bagatelles were commissioned by the Music Teacher's Association of California.
The casting continues to reflect artistic director Peter Boal's vision for this company--to showcase the dancers and the dance, irrespective of rank--with corps dancers Lindsi Dec so focused in Dancing on the Front Porch of Heaven, and Benjamin Griffiths and Postlewaite more than holding their own in Waterbaby Bagatelles and Suspension of Disbelief.
Pimble's Five Bagatelles features the company's four principal dancers: Hyoung Il Joung, Kyung Man Moon, Mills and Martin.
THE PROBLEMS Bryan Robson faces at Middlesbrough are mere bagatelles compared to the troubles of Bradford's Chris Hutchings.
Other unusual offerings to be heard throughout the expanded series of concerts will include Beethoven's 32 variations in C minor and his Bagatelles, Op.
Rehearsals for fellow dancer Stefan Calka's Bagatelles reveal that she's equally suited to even more contemporary ballet.
Piotr Anderszewski's mid morning piano recital on Thursday was mainly, if not exclusively, a Beethoven homage which included the Bagatelles OP 126 and the Diabelli Variations, OP 120 - both works from Beethoven's late maturity.
Three Bagatelles for the Righteous, more theater than dance, leavened the evening, with Joseph Ritsch portraying John Kerry and a hilarious David Neumann as Bush.
And in honor of the upcoming election, Comfort has revived her devilishly wicked Three Bagatelles for the Righteous, in which our presidential nominees, heard on sound bites, appear as stiff-bodied puppets, controlled by handlers.
A program dubbed "The Young Lions Roar" will feature a world premiere by Dwight Rhoden as well as Kevin O'Day's Dvorak Bagatelles and Webre's Fluctuating Hemlines, a work emblematic of his raw, energetic choreographic style.