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The baggy jeans, hats, over-size jerseys, and do-rags favored by players like Allen Iverson of the Philadelphia 76ers are now off Limits when on team or league business.
The Mondays signed off with a brilliant 24 Hour Party People, a soundtrack for the generation who wore baggy jeans, acid house tops and floppy hats.
We have softened it by putting a smart suit jacket with extra baggy jeans and swapping shoes for sandals
Clothes: Baggy jeans, Deca T-shirt from bargain bin
22 rifle from a leg of his baggy jeans, he pointed it at her as she passed by.
Despite the odd setting, the stifling format, and the lectures from older panelists, the young activists in the audience--wearing the same baggy jeans, oversized hats sitting askew, and backwards shirts that Cosby so despises--listened respectfully as they were told what is wrong with them and their culture.
All of the dancers are moving, bobbing, and nodding to the music, but only one, a young man in casual baggy jeans and white T-shirt, is dancing.
Vettor Pisani #1 mugs in a white T-shirt and baggy jeans against a vibrant red ground with turquoise fleurs-de-lis while six blush roses make a sort of arch; Vettor Pisani #2 sports a hot orange hoodie at a quasi-Hindu altar of sperm against a background that fades from navy to robin's-egg blue.
So bin your street cred with the baggy jeans that impress the junior staff and buy yourself some suits.
They are watched with an uneasy mixture of curiosity and resentment by some of the young Nahautl in Tepotzlan, garbed in the baggy jeans, team jerseys, and knitted caps that represent their approximation of the urban battle fatigues of America's inner cities.
The kids, with their baggy jeans, workboots, and air of nonchalance are used to having policemen shine flashlights into their eyes and grill them with questions.