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(vertebrate zoology)
A family of semitropical catfishes in the suborder Siluroidei.



a family of fish. The body is bare of scales. The dorsal and pectoral fins have a serrated spine. There is also an adipose fin. There are approximately 15 species.

The Bagridae are distributed in the fresh waters of Africa and South and East Asia. There are five species in the USSR in the Amur River basin: the yellow, or banded, catfish (Pseudobagrus fulvidraco) measuring up to 32 cm long, the Ussuri catfish (Liocassis ussuriensis) measuring up to 1 m long, Brazhnikov’s catfish (L. brashnikovi) measuring up to 20 cm long, Gertsenshtein’s catfish (L. herzensteini) measuring up to 18 cm long, and Mystus mica measuring up to 5 cm long. During the mating season the yellow catfish digs a burrow into which it deposits its few eggs; other species hide their eggs among the roots of plants. The male guards the eggs and the larvae. The Bagridae feed on the larvae of caddis flies and dance flies, on mollusks, and on fish fry. The slime covering the Bagtidae is poisonous, but the flesh is edible. The fish are sought commercially.


Nikol’skii, G. V. Chastnaia ikhtiologiia, 3rd ed. Moscow, 1971.


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In all of them Family Cypirinidae was observed as the dominant family with 24 fish species (26%) followed by Bagridae 13 fish species (14%) which shows in Figure 2.
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Familia Especie Referencia Acipenseridae Acipenser gueldenstaedti 20 Huso huso 20 Anguilidae Anguilla anguilla 21 Bagridae Pseudobagrus ichikawai 22 Bothidae Paralichthys dentatus 23 Carangidae Seriola quinqueradiata 24, 7 Centropomidae Centropomus undecimalis 25, 26 Centropomus parallelus 27 Lates calcalifer 28 Channidae Channa striatus 29 Channa punctatus 30 Chanos chanos 31 Polydactylus sexfilis 32 Characidae Brycon cephalus 33, 34 Brycon sinuensis 35 Brycon moorei 36 Brycon orbygnianus 37, 38, 34 Brycon lundii 39 Brycon insignis 40 Brycon amazonicus 41, 42 Cichlidae Oreochromis mossambicus 43, 44 Oreochromis sp (Flor.
Family (14) Species (23) (1) Mormyridae 1-Mormyrus caschive 2-Mormyrus bebe 3-Mormyrus cyprinoids (2) Mochokidae 1-Synodontis schall (3) Bagridae 1-Bagrus bayad 2-Bagrus domac 3-Chrysichthys auratus 4-Auchenoglanis occidentals (4) characidae 1-Alestes dentex 2-Hydrocynus forskalli 3-Alestes nurse (5) Citharinidae 1-Disticodus niloticus (6) Schilbeidae 1-Schilbe mystus (7) Cyprinidae 1-labeo niloticus 2-Labeo horii 3-Barbus bynii (8) Cichlidae 1-Oreochromis niloticus (9) Clariidae 1-Clarias lazera (10) Protopteridae 1-Protopterus aethiopicus (11) Centropomidae 1-Lates niloticus (12) Tetraodontidae 1-Tetraodon lineatus (13)Malapteroidae Malapteroidae 1-Malapterurus electricus (14) Osteoglossidae 1-Heterotis niloticus Table 2: Showed fish production in months of summer 2014.
Numerically most abundant and diverse family was Cyprinidae comprising 27 species followed by Bagridae (eight species).
Following, the family Bagridae had seven species and 8% of all fish collected.
dialuzona Botia hymenophysa Engkadik, Langli, Pansek Botia macracanthus Ulang uli, Entebiring, Ikan macan Lepidocephalichthys pristes Emplunyu Pangio agma Ikan cacing Pangio anguillaris - Pangio kuhlii Ikan cacing Pangio malayana Pangio oblonga Ikan cacing Pangio semicincta Pangio shelfordii Ikan cacing Pangio superba Ikan cacing SILURIFOR MES BAGRIDAE Bagrichthys hypselopterus Patik layar, Baung Lajar Bagrichthys macropterus Ikan pisang Bagrichthys micranodus Ikan pisang Bagroides melapterus Ikan pisang, Baung Tikus Leiocassis cf.