(bä'härē`ə), oasis (1996 est. pop. 25,000), in the Libyan Desert, central Egypt, c.200 mi (322 km) south-southwest of Alexandria. Connected by numerous caravan routes with the Mediterranean coast, the Nile valley, and Farafra oasis, it lies in a basin c.60 mi (97 km) long and 25 mi (40 km) wide, and is surrounded by hills. El Bawiti is the main village. Dates, olives, apricots, oranges, grapes, wheat, and rice are grown; iron ore mined in the oasis has been the main source of the Egyptian iron and steel industry centered in HelwanHelwan
, Hilwan
, or Hulwan
, town (1989 est. pop. 230,000), N Egypt, on the Nile River, opposite the ruins of Memphis; a suburb of Cairo. Manufactures include iron and steel, cement, and textiles; there is a food-processing and automobile industry.
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 since the mid-1970s. In 1999 a spectacular 2,000-year-old Greco-Roman cemetery with perhaps thousands of mummies was discovered in a 2 sq mi (5 sq km) area within the oasis. Many of these were bedecked with precious metal and the site is now known as the Valley of the Golden Mummies. Dinosaur remains have also been found there.


See Z. A. Hawass, Valley of the Golden Mummies (2000).

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Two Azhar surgeons during an operation in Bahariya Oasis, March 2018 - press photo CAIRO -- 9 March 2018: A number of Al-Azhar doctors have examined 2,385 patients in the Bahariya Oasis within two days as part of an Azhar medical convoy, according to media reports.
In small factories, the people of Siwa and Bahariya Oases earn their living by preparing the dates to be exported to the other side of the world, in a long process, from harvesting to final packing.
Three other fields in the Qarun region found later in 1996 included one at Wadi al-Rayan, south of Qarun, which tested 950 b/d from Abu Roash "G" Fm, and SW Qarun-1X which tested 4,400 b/d from Kharita and Lower Bahariya Fms.
We have started our jihad with the battle of the Lion's Den in the Bahariya Oasis area on the borders of Cairo and were victorious against the enemy's campaign," the group said in a statement indicating this was its first attack.
Dans un communique, le ministere de l'Interieur a confirme l'incident, survenu sur la route de l'oasis de Bahariya, tout en evitant de donner un bilan precis des membres des forces de securite tues.
WASHINGTON, Oct 21 (KUNA) -- The US strongly condemned Saturday the terrorist attack in Egypt near the Bahariya Oasis that killed dozens of Egyptian security forces and wounded many others.
Sustainable Design of the Year: Neighbourhood One Residences Phase 1, submitted by Multiplex and Woods Bagot; shortlisted - New Ducab Headquarters, submitted by Ramboll and Royal Herbs El Bahariya Farm Headquarters, submitted by ECOnsult
Separately, the EFG Capital Partners III fund completed the sale of their stake in Sahara North Bahariya Limited to an SPV indirectly controlled by the shareholders of PICO International Petroleum.
El convoy de tres camionetas todoterreno, quedo totalmente calcinado a consecuencia de un ataque aereo en el oasis de Bahariya, a casi 400 kilometros de El Cairo, lugar en donde los turistas se desviaron a comer algo antes de regresar al hotel.
The Mexican tourists were mistakenly shot by Egyptian security forces near Bahariya Oasis in the country's Western Desert.
The group of 22 had parked their four 4x4 vehicles off-road on Sunday for a barbecue near the Bahariya oasis, a tourist site in the western desert, when army aircraft suddenly began shelling them from above, security sources and survivors said.
The group of 22 had parked their four 4x4 vehicles off-road Sunday for a barbecue near the Bahariya oasis, a tourist site in the western desert, when army aircraft began shelling them from above, security sources said.