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Malay language:

see Malayo-Polynesian languagesMalayo-Polynesian languages
, sometimes also called Austronesian languages
, family of languages estimated at from 300 to 500 tongues and understood by approximately 300 million people in Madagascar; the Malay Peninsula; Indonesia and New Guinea; the Philippines;
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Interviews with some Bidayuh parents revealed that many Bidayuhs prefer their children to master English, and Bahasa Melayu so that they could compete with other races when seeking for jobs.
Satu ciri fonologi sejarah bahasa Melayu yang diabaikan.
The worldly direction our website was headed it only seemed logical to include the language of Bahasa Melayu and the lovely people that speak it.
An observation was carried out in two public schools participated in the study to record dyslexic children's reading in Bahasa Melayu (BM) and observe error patterns and their behaviors toward reading.
He said "Belajar bahasa Melayu sangat bagus untuk masa depan mereka.
Niscaya tertawalah sekalian orang yang mengetahui bahasa Melayu di dalam tanah Johor ini, yaitu Melayu yang asli, dinamakanlah tutur orang itu kopi atau janggal dan canggung atau telor adanya' (Raja Ali Haji, Bustan al-katibin, p.
If I am in need of money to teach these children, I would go for the alternative funds, which usually comes from the extra money from the panels of Bahasa Melayu (Malay Language) and Mathematics.
Blust, 'Malay Historical Linguistics: A Progress Report', in Rekonstruksi dan CabangCabang Induk Bahasa Melayu Induk, ed.
The Malays speak Bahasa Melayu and generally have brown complexion although mixed marriage has resulted in many half-Malays to have slightly fairer or darker skin tone.
An introductory chapter offers a potted history of the Malay language, from its employment as the official language of the Indianised Kingdom of Sumatra and, later, in kitab (state chronicle or religious texts) through attempts by the Dutch to distinguish a factitious High Malay from Bahasa Melayu Rendah, its allegedly disreputable counterpart, via the medium of Balai Pustaka and touching along the way upon the contrary role played by the famous sumpah pemuda of 1928 in the formation of a prerequisite national identity.
1994) Perubahan ekologi bahasa di Borneo Utara: peranan Bahasa Melayu.