Baile Herculane

Băile Herculane


a balneological health resort in Rumania, 40 km north of Turnu Severin. The climate is mild, with Mediterranean elements. The summers are very warm (average July temperature, 22.5° C), and the winters are mild (average January temperature, -0.9° C); annual precipitation is about 800 mm. Therapeutic resources include chloride-sodium-calcium thermal mineral springs (temperature, 24°-50° C), with 46 g/m3 or g/l hydrogen sulfide. These waters are used for bathing, inhalation, and irrigation; the water of springs with a low hydrogen sulfide content is used for drinking. The resort treats patients with motor-supportive and peripheral nervous disorders, gynecological diseases, and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and the upper respiratory tract, as well as persons with chronic poisoning from heavy metals. There are sanatoriums, bathhouses, boarding houses, hotels, and athletic installations.

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Bocsa (20) Bozovici (41) Baile Herculane (45) Caransebes (30), Moldova Noua (35), Oravrja (27) Otelu Rosu (41): Total (239).
Included in the sample were 239 rural unemployed who are unemployment record of seven agencies in Caras-Severin (Bocsa, Bozovici, Baile Herculane, Caransebes, Moldova Noua, Oravrja and Otelu Rosu).
MGAB); 1[female] Caras-Severin: Baile Herculane (44[degrees]52'00"N, 22[degrees]26'05"E) hand collecting, 10 May 2007, Ioan Duma leg.