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Bouley, supra note 241, at 1032 (noting that while cases are still tried, they are conspicuously few considering how many bailments there are in cattle country).
restraining notice, the debtor's right to terminate the bailment is
Selgin provides "circumstantial evidence consisting of (1) goldsmiths' practice of paying interest, or at least not charging any fees, to holders of their deposits and notes, which indicated that debts rather than bailments were being contracted; and (2) the lack of any contemporary testimony, in court or otherwise, to the effect that goldsmiths embezzled money placed with them for safekeeping" (2012, 6-7).
If a bank performs both of these functions together its "depositors" are no longer pure depositors in the bailment sense.
Bailments are another example of this accumulation of remedies.
Bailment describes a legal relationship in which physical possession of personal property is transferred from one person (the "bailor") to another person (the "bailee"), who subsequently holds the property for the benefit of the bailor and is subject to the bailor's right to reclaim possession at any time.
the grant of permission to use) real or personal property, (190) or (c) a bailment of personal property.
England's chancery courts (courts of equity), which had emerged to supplement the common law in order to provide relief when no legal remedies were available in the courts of law, began formally to enforce uses as they became popular and extended them to include agency and bailment relationships.
Second, allowing patients a full set of property rights in their excised tissue would seemingly turn tissue transfers into a simple bailment.
Stuart Logan doing business as Custom Innovations, Mobile, RV-Auto: Plaintiff alleges breach of contract, damage to property during bailment.