Baker Island

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Baker Island,

uninhabited island, 1 sq mi (2.6 sq km), central Pacific, near the equator, c.1,650 mi (2,660 km) SW of Honolulu. The arid coral island was discovered in 1832 by Capt. Michael Baker, an American, and was claimed by the United States in 1856. Like Jarvis IslandJarvis Island,
island, 1.7 sq mi (4.4 sq km), central Pacific, one of the Line Islands, just south of the equator and c.1,300 mi (2,090 km) S of Honolulu. Known to British and American mariners, it was claimed in 1856 by the United States along with Howland Island and Baker
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 and Howland IslandHowland Island,
uninhabited island (.73 sq mi/1.89 sq km), central Pacific near the equator, c.1,620 mi (2610 km) SW of Honolulu. The island was discovered by American traders and was claimed by the United States in 1856, along with Jarvis Island and Baker Island.
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, Baker was worked for guano by both American and British companies during the 19th cent. In 1935 it was colonized by Americans from Hawaii in order to establish U.S. control against British claims. The colonists were removed during World War II. Baker Island is administered by the U.S. Dept. of the Interior, and since 2009 has been part of the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National MonumentPacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument,
c.490,000 sq mi (1,260,000 sq km), central Pacific Ocean; est. 2009. The monument comprises the waters and reefs surrounding seven islands and atolls, and in most cases the island lands are managed as wildlife refuges as well.
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The night will host live music from Tyrannosaurus Dead, Skull Puppies, Baker Island and Rushers, as well as a DJ.
During World War II he was stationed at Baker Island in the Marshalls as well as in the Radar Unit in Hawaii.
A day after Tong's proclamation, President Obama announced that the US would move to close all fishing in American territorial waters off of Howland and Baker Islands (which are to the northwest of the Kiribati reserves), doubling the amount of ocean area protected by the US.
Kiribati and Samoa in the Pacific were the first to see in the New Year at 1000 GMT Tuesday, in a wave of celebrations that will finish on the United States' remote Howland and Baker Islands at 1200 GMT Wednesday.