Balance Beam

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balance beam

[′bal·əns ‚bēm]
(civil engineering)
A long beam, attached to a gate (or drawbridge, and such) so as to counterbalance the weight of the gate during opening or closing. Also known as balance bar.

Balance Beam


a piece of equipment used in women’s gymnastics for exercises in equilibrium. The balance beam is a horizontally placed bar, 5 meters long, 16 cm high, and 10 cm wide, supported by poles 120 cm high.

balance beam, balance bar

A long beam, attached to a gate (or drawbridge, etc.) so as to counterbalance the weight of the gate during opening or closing.
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If you'd been on the balance beam, you wouldn't have fallen.
Aleeza Yu from Canada appeared to injure her right knee on her dismount from balance beam in the first rotation, and was assisted from the podium.
In order to protect the balance beam and sheet face during impact from a boat, a sacrificial wooden fender was added.
Recent achievements: Won Bronze in the balance beam and floor in the 2012 European championships in Brussels.
The Balance Beam is easy to clean and comes in an antimicrobial finish.
The io Balance Beam and the io Koi LED Bollard Series were each honored with a Silver Award.
Aiden Holt, far left, rides around outside on a tricycle and Nathan Shaw, middle, plays with building bricks on the carpet while Joseph Aungiers digs around in lentils in the texture area of the nursery, left BUSY DAY: Karen Trelfa makes her way across a balance beam, left, while Dylan Poole, above top, plays in a toy car
The children will be exposed to an obstacle course with games such as the Dolphin Slide, quick step, balance beam, drum-roll over and under," she said.
There were gold medals for nine-year-old Elinor Jones in the 10/11 ICC championship, Cara Edwards in the 12/13 age group and Emma Lewis in the 10/11 balance beam event, to add to her silver overall.
Clearly if they fall off the balance beam, even with grass underneath or rubber surfacing, there's a potential for injury there, but the benefit of having the opportunity to balance outweighs the risk.
Kristina Comforte tied for first on the balance beam (9.
The daily work demands of sterilizing equipment, measuring dosages on a balance beam scale, and traveling the outback to visit patients attest to the persistence of care givers dedicated to health.