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Provides a simplified, coordinated solution for switch and load balancing functionality
Gives customers a cost-effective switch--with wire-speed load balancing functionality
Essential server/network load balancing algorithms, including weighted server latency, server latency, weighted least connections, round robin, weighted round robin, least connections and direct server measurements
Additional features for global server load balancing, SSL acceleration and upcoming enhancements from Coyote Point can be added incrementally to any Equalizer SI Series appliance.
For firewall load balancing the BIG-IP solution, deployed in a firewall sandwich configuration, efficiently load balanced NOKIA IP 530 firewalls, enhancing the performance and reliability of these devices.
HydraWEB is the leading e-business infrastructure company, building Internet load balancing and resiliency appliances for companies whose businesses depend on the reliability of their Web sites.
Based in New York City, HydraWEB has the load balancing power for maintaining the performance and availability of the most sophisticated and highly-trafficked Web sites, like Bear Stearns, Bridge Information Systems, Juno Online and DLJdirect.
Switching, load balancing and other server functions are performed at wire speed by the IN-Switch processor.
The IN-Switch is a multilayer switch that also performs dynamic load balancing on IP packets at wire speed.
HH100 constantly collects and acts upon statistics from multiple HydraWEB Load-Balancers within various content clusters, which in turn collect information from their backend servers and applications within those clusters to refine the entire site's balancing decisions.
80% of the Fortune 500 Securities Industry Companies and other Industry giants, including Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, and DLJdirect deal with these swings in transaction loads by investing in HydraWEB's load balancing technology as a key component for their mission-critical Internet operation.
To assure reliable access for their financial transactions as well as the information used to make mission critical market decisions, 60% of the Fortune 500 Companies in the Securities Industry use load balancing appliances from HydraWEB Technologies, Inc.