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Even in cases of serious hair loss or bald spots, clients can receive a full head of hair with the Volume Plus system.
Bin Laden's Bald Spot and Other Stories by Brian Doyle (Red Hen Press, 2011)
Every trip to the barbers involves the painful moment when he shows you the back of your head in the mirror and I can see the ever-increasing acreage for my bald spot.
More to the point, William is in desperate need of a crown - to cover up that rapidly expanding bald spot.
There was the issue of a bald spot I had, but that's no longer something I need think about.
1 : a small part that is different from the main part <He has a bald spot.
Only one contact," he said, "and this"--pointing to a small, bald spot on his head, where it had come into contact with an almond-sized rock--"is my souvenir.
If you notice a bald spot on your head, don't go to your doctor.
When he snips off a cowlick, for example, it leaves a bald spot, and the whole student body ends up having to get checked for suspected ringworm.
q: Recently, I noticed a small bald spot in the top middle of my head, and I'm only 37
Gilbert, a late-30s single traveler with a goatee, sparkling eyes, bright conversation, and a shining bald spot, arrived two days early in Barcelona, the cruise's launch point, and signed up for precruise land tours.