Balkan League of 1912

Balkan League of 1912


a military and political alliance of Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece, and Montenegro directed against Turkey and also, in effect, against Austria-Hungary.

The Balkan League was formed between March and October 1912 by a series of treaties, military conventions, and agreements. The Balkan League took shape with the active support of Russia, which planned to use it to block the expansion of Austria-Hungary and Germany into the Balkans. The idea of creating the Balkan League also met with the approval of the governments of Great Britain and France

In October 1912 the members of the Balkan League began a war against Turkey; the war soon ended in victory for the League. The dispute over the division of Macedonia that flared up among Serbia, Greece, and Bulgaria after their victory led to discord among the members of the Balkan League and to a war among them (1913) which marked the end of the Balkan League.


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