Ball State University

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Ball State University,

at Muncie, Ind.; coeducational; founded 1918 as a state institution. In 1929 it became Ball State Teachers College and in 1965 achieved university status.
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The notion that honors-like students are attracted by a thriving honors college or program seems confirmed, at least in the limited sample of Ball State, by the stimulus for honors at key points in the university's history: the foundation of the program in 1959, the creation of the signature programmatic scholarship in 1976, the progression to a college in 1979, and the "leading with honors" initiative in the 1990s as part of a university-wide goal of increased admissions standards Although the actual percentage of incoming students participating in the Ball State University Honors College has not risen above 9%, the number of students matriculating to Ball State who were honors eligible rose to 12%, with one fourth of these students distributed across the university.
Time Warner expects the Ball State University second screen study to be completed and the findings revealed by June 2013.
Elizabeth Agnew, Ball State University presented her paper on "American Studies in a Globalized World" and shed light on the various aspects of the American Studies.
Kyle McFarland, NALP Ball State University Muncie, Ind.
In response to state and national reform mandates, Ball State University recently implemented a new teacher education program that incorporates state academic standards for students and teachers based on content and developmental standards approved by the Division of Professional Standards and performance-based assessment via digital portfolios (Mullen, Bauer, & Newbold, 2001).
While the beginnings of the university appeared more than a century ago, this is the era in which Ball State University is poised to leave an indelible imprint on the higher-education landscape as an innovative leader in the 21st century.
Surprisingly, Brian Nank, a student at Ball State University has set up Architecture Central.
Researchers at Ball State University in Indiana asked just that question and found that moderate exercise did not affect the duration or intensity of symptoms of an upper respiratory infection.
The healthy body already has all the carnitine it can use," says exercise physiologist David Costill of Ball State University.
At the top of this year's Curriculum & Instructional Technology ranking is Ball State University.
HFF announced today that it has closed the sale of and arranged acquisition financing for a seven-property, 332-unit/892-bedroom student housing portfolio near Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana.
That staggering figure, though, hardly applies to recent Residential Property Management (RPM) degree graduates from Virginia Tech and Ball State University.