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Ringwood Cares, a group of residents who wrote the ballot question, said it would appeal Caposela's decision--a move that would have to be done quickly because Passaic County prints Election Day ballots on Sept.
The ballot question does not have the force of law but would require the state legislature to enact a law to implement the initiative.
San Francisco was the first city to do so, also by ballot question in 2006, and Washington, D.
I co-authored the Moorpark SOAR initiative and I want the vote as much as anybody, but I think the language in the ballot question is biased for the developer rather than being neutral,'' she said.
Potentially controversial ballot questions pose unique dilemmas and opportunities for municipal officials, due to sharp divisions on the council/commission or within the community.
This ballot question would create a new article of the Nevada Constitution requiring a 20% rollback of casualty insurance premiums charged on Dec.
Should this court determine that the 2000 ballot question, like the 1999 ballot question, does not sufficiently inform the voters to permit them to intelligently cast their votes, the legislature is certainly prepared to further modify the question," the House said.
But REBNY is supporting another ballot question, the School Facility Health and Safety Bond Act, that proposes a $2.
BOSTON -- Today the Massachusetts State Automobile Dealers Association (MSADA) and the Massachusetts Right to Repair Coalition announced an agreement on compromise "right to repair" legislation that, if passed, would avoid the November ballot question fight.
One further consideration on the road to a statewide referendum is the role of third-party candidate Evan Falchuk, who has vowed to pursue a ballot question of his own to ban taxpayer funds for a bid.
On November 4, 2014, Massachusetts voters decisively approved a ballot question requiring employers to provide sick leave to employees, adding Massachusetts to a growing list of states (including Connecticut and California) and municipalities (including New York City, San Francisco and Seattle) requiring such leave.