Balwant Gargi

Gargi, Balwant


Born Dec. 4, 1916, in Bhatinda. Punjabi writer and playwright. Author of plays, short stories, and works on the history of theater and cinema in India.

The dominant theme in Gargi’s artistic work is overcoming feudal vestiges and socially transforming life in Punjabi villages. His critical realism is not always consistent, and his social ideals are not firmly settled. Soviet theaters have produced Gargi’s plays Kesro (1952; produced in 1958 under the name A Woman From Punjab at the Tadzhik Drama Theater) and Sohni Mahiwal (Romen Theater, Moscow).


Zhenshchina iz Pendzhaba (Kesro). Moscow, 1956.
Kino Indii. Moscow, 1956. (With B. D. Garga.)
Teatr i tanets Indii. Moscow, 1963.


Serebriakov, I. Pendzhabskaia literatura. Moscow, 1963.


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