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Although the dates of Mofolo's travels to Natal (where he was travelling gathering information for the novel) cannot be ascertained, all evidence points to the period of 1908-9, which is relevant in view of the aftermath of the Bambata rebellion (Attwell 55).
But Bambata, another Mandela grandson, was less awed by Beckham - or at least his hairdo.
MELODIC: File Under Easy Listening have a single out; EMPIRE: AfriKa Bambata
The names of Dingane and Bambata, among the Zulus, of Hintsa, Makana and Ndlambe of the Amaxhosa, of Sekhukhuni and others in the north, were mentioned as the pride and glory of the entire African nation.
South African activists studied Fanon perhaps just as much as they studied Bambata, Malcolm X and the African National Congress.