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village (1991 pop. 2,383), SE Ont., Canada, on the York River. Its industries include milling, quarrying, dairying, lumbering, and tourism. The Bancroft Gemboree is an annual gathering of rock collectors.



one of the centers of Zambia’s Copperbelt. A railroad links it with the city of Ndola, center of the copper-smelting industry. Bancroft has an estimated population of about 19,000, of which 17,000 are Africans.

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This book is my way of saying thank you to the UAE and its people, who made me feel so welcome in their country and their homes back in the 70s," Bancroft said.
Working closely with the Salt Lake Redevelopment Agency, Bancroft hired KBH Architects of Provo, which helped acquire the land in Salt Lake City and has since become co-developers, designers and investors in the building.
That's what two veteran explorers, Ann Bancroft and Liv Arnesen, plan to do.
Bancroft was described yesterday as a ``flamboyant character, and very bohemian'' by a close friend.
Bancroft died of cancer at the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York.
I WAS sad to hear actress Anne Bancroft died from cancer last week at the age of 73.
Bancroft" was a prominent family name in Worcester, So the company began calling one of its popular products the Bancroft Cap.
Bancroft is due to return to Cardiff Magistrates Court on July 2 to be sentenced.
The only one, it seems, who didn't get harassed is Bancroft, who recalls pummeling a few schoolyard bullies instead (although she too dealt with not-so-subtle hints to don dresses and grow her hair out).
Michael Bancroft, FCIC, is one of only 33 scholars asked to contribute to a new collection of personal essays illustrating the world-class, cutting-edge research taking place in Canadian institutions and thr brilliant minds leading the way.
In December, Columbia University, which awards the Bancroft Prize, rescinded the honor.