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VTEM and magnetometer survey covering 1,700 line kilometres delineated numerous targets favourable for gold deposits associated with banded iron formations as well as targets that exhibit high potential for massive sulphide copper, zinc, gold and silver deposits.
The 61 banded iron formation macro-blades are manufactured by single-event core reduction with the cobbles sourced from the immediate area.
A detailed mapping and sampling program was conducted which identified an extensive blanket of potentially high grade hematite mineralisation at least 50m thick in places, overlying magnetite Banded Iron Formation ("BIF"), extending over the 10km of strike length at Badondo.
7gpt from mining the Archaean banded iron formation hosted gold ore bodies at nearby Evanston and adjacent Blue Peter, Kitchie's and Goldies workings.
The banded iron formation (BIF) orebodies in this district have great vertical continuity and have been mined to depths of 2,500 m along a down dip length of up to 4,800 m.
The Roche Bay Project consists of four mining leases on outcroppings of a banded iron formation.
Mitzic License - Iron Results: A regional reconnaissance work program on the Mitzic license targeting over 70 kilometers of magnetic highs has confirmed the widespread presence of a coarse grained, magnetite rich, Banded Iron Formation "BIF" averaging approximately 40% Fe.
12% LOI hosted in the Robinson Range Formation banded iron formation.
During mapping of banded iron formation (BIF) a number of hematite and goethite-enriched outcrops were located.
Principle areas within the property include thick sequences of banded iron formation with strike lengths of over several kilometres.
The project has an inferred resource of 357 million tonnes, outlined within a small portion of the 140 km of banded iron formation.
The program is designed to outline folded banded iron formation horizons using ground geophysics over an area of approximately 10 sq.