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a people in Cameroon, inhabiting the highlands between the Mbam and the Noun rivers.

Some of the Bamileke live in the city of Douala or in its vicinity. The Bamileke and related tribes such as the Bamum (Mum; self-designation Shupamen) and others number about 1 million (1967 estimate). The language spoken by the Bamileke is one of the eastern Bantoid languages. Most of the Bamileke are Muslims, but some adhere to local traditional beliefs. Their basic occupation is agriculture (corn, cassava, and peanuts). The Bamileke also work on banana, coffee, and quinine plantations and at the seaport of Douala.


Peoples of the Central Cameroons. London, 1954.
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parai adul: good yield, tall stems, but not appreciated for taste (Iain roso, andi moncoi)', parai bangang
Momanyi, a Kenyan technician, works diligently in the small Cameroonian village of Bangang to better understand a new hydropower turbine design proposed by a student-lead team from Purdue University's Global Engineering Program in May 2012.
The test meals were selected from 24 hour recall, and focus group discussions involving one hundred and seventy two (172) mothers and caregivers were carried out in Bangang and Bassessa, two rural localities in the West province of Cameroun.
The coastal cities are very hot and humid, but the Bangang region is located in the Cameroon mountain range, with altitudes between 1600 and 2500 m (6000 to 8200 ft).