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a people in Cameroon, inhabiting the highlands between the Mbam and the Noun rivers.

Some of the Bamileke live in the city of Douala or in its vicinity. The Bamileke and related tribes such as the Bamum (Mum; self-designation Shupamen) and others number about 1 million (1967 estimate). The language spoken by the Bamileke is one of the eastern Bantoid languages. Most of the Bamileke are Muslims, but some adhere to local traditional beliefs. Their basic occupation is agriculture (corn, cassava, and peanuts). The Bamileke also work on banana, coffee, and quinine plantations and at the seaport of Douala.


Peoples of the Central Cameroons. London, 1954.
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Detection of 13,000 heads of Bangu (hashish) in South Kordufan.
Aktyviems metodams taikoma si iranga: radaras, lazerinis radaras ir garso bangu iranga.
Em um primeiro momento, o futebol era praticado majoritariamente por empregados das fabricas, e muitos times tradicionais tiveram ai sua origem, por exemplo, o Bangu, fundado em 1904, no Rio de Janeiro.
But in recent months a clamour has arisen from Rio in defence of Donohoe, a textile factory worker from Busby, near Glasgow, who organised a football match in the Bangu district of Rio in 1894.
Zizinho, Pele's childhood hero, did nevertheless seize a host of honours with Flamengo, Bangu and Sao Paulo.
it Lojban (from the Loglan words logji, "logic," and bangu,
Taip atkreipiamas demesys i fakta, kad musu erdves yra nuolat persmelktos elektromagnetiniu bangu bei kitokio pobudzio negirdimu ir neregimu signalu.
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gariepinus from the Bangu River, Transvaal (presently Gauteng), in having the same body size and shape, the ovary being round to weakly trilobed and the vitellarium also being weakly lobed.
In a career that spanned from 1996 to 2005, Rodrigo Silva Santos played for several teams in Rio such as Bangu and Nacional and also played abroad at Olimpia (Honduras) and Oster Vaxjo (Sweden).
Location of the stores in Rio de Janeiro are in Shopping Nova America and Shopping Bangu, the one in Salvador is in the Salvador Norte Shopping.
Teams which took part in the contest included Italian side Cagliari, Brazilian outfit Bangu, plus the likes of Sunderland, Dundee United and Shamrock Rovers.