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According to statistics released by the State Statistical Bureau, outstanding bank loans at the end of the first quarter this year grew by 15% over the same period last year to 7.
The weakness in bank loans to the household sector also appears to be mainly a demand side phenomenon.
Fortunately, a rejection stamp on your bank loan application doesn't have to derail your dream of owning a business.
While traditional bond ratings focus primarily on the probability of a borrower's defaulting and, to a limited extent, the possibility of post-default recovery, bank loan ratings rely equally on both.
On March 7, 2007, Aladdin Capital announced the departure of Gilles Marchand who, along with Joseph Moroney, founded the Aladdin bank loan team in 2001, and acted as senior bank loan portfolio manager.
Losses on defaulted senior secured bank loans are mitigated when collateral is liquid and marketable.
The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate the relationship between trade credits and bank loans through investigating SMEs operating in the textile sector in Turkey.
International interest rates are expected to climb in 2005, a factor that Ayala says will nudge Ecuadoran companies to go to the domestic exchange, where costs would be lower than those tied to bank loans.
E has not presented one of the unusual sets of facts that would lead us to conclude that the substance of the bank loans did not equal their form.
The study compares the terms of private placements with those of public bonds and bank loans and analyzes the characteristics of borrowers, their motivations for using the private market, and the operations of lenders.
A Business Credit Information Package (BCIP) currently can be submitted to bank loan officers instead.
The increased use by state and local governments of bank loans to meet funding needs has raised concerns among regulators and market participants about the amount of information available about such loans.