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Beginning with the crash of several of the greatest Eastern banking houses, the tightness spread, until every bank in the country was calling in its credits.
It was an ordinary morocco affair, similar to those issued by American banking houses to enclose letters of credit.
It has been my constant aim at Tuskegee to carry out, in our financial and other operations, such business methods as would be approved of by any New York banking house.
Then came an order which raised the hopes of the telephone men to the highest heaven, from the banking house of J.
Nay," answered Monte Cristo, with the most gentlemanly air, "'tis not for such trifling sums as these that your banking house is to be incommoded.
But he goes into a mob, into a banking house, into a mechanic's shop, into a mill, into a laboratory, into a ship, into a camp, and in each new place he is no better than an idiot; other talents take place, and rule the hour.
Written by professional trial lawyer and history expert John Remington Graham, Blood Money: The Civil War and the Federal Reserve is a scholarly and studious examination of an oft-neglected aspect of the American Civil War--how the great international banking houses augmented the pre-existing antagonisms between North and South, how the Federal Reserve came to be created, and the negative legacies of public debt following the Civil War.
Home to the wealthiest investment banking houses, insurance firms, real estate concerns and other service industries, New York City has carved its niche in the world economy as the leading provider of services.
company specializing in securitized transactions with leading brokerage and investment banking houses, and was formerly a public company and bank auditor for Coopers & Lybrand.
Garcia, formerly a top executive with international banking houses, has 25 years of senior-level experience as a financial professional in a wide array of project finance and corporate recovery settings in numerous industry sectors.
Established in 1997 by experienced market professional, the company operates in association with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and supplies over 20 of the premier investment banking houses with monthly data on markets in Europe, Asia & North America.
provides professional financial services globally, performing as an intermediary between clients and investment banking houses.