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pseud. of an English graffiti artist, c.1974–, probably b. Bristol. He painted on walls, bridges, and the like in Bristol and London in the 1990s before he began to use (c.2000) stencils and stencils combined with free-hand work, which became his hallmark. His images, often paired with witty or cutting epigrams, tend to be satirical, antiauthoritarian, and anticapitalist, and his skill at art and social commentary helped make street art mainstream. In addition to Bristol and London, his work has appeared in other cities worldwide and in such places as the Palestinian side of the West Bank barrier (2005) and the environs of a refugee camp near Calais, France (2014). It also has been sneaked into such museums as London's Tate and New York's Museum of Modern Art and Metropolitan and has received formal museum exhibition. His self-published books include Banging Your Head against a Brick Wall (2001), Cut It Out (2004), and You Are an Acceptable Level of Threat (2012); Wall and Piece (2005) was published commercially. Banksy is also a filmmaker, best known for the documentary Exit through the Gift Shop (2010). In 2008 London's Daily Mail identified Banksy as a man named Robin Gunningham; university researchers using geographic profiling contended in 2016 that it confirmed that identification.
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New Ferry councillor Warren Ward said: "I've had loads of residents and local businesses contact me in an attempt to find out if this is a genuine Bansky.
Bansky, <<Virtual Laboratory for the e-Learning Education in the Electronics Technologies,>> Electronics Technology (ISSE), 2012 35th International Spring Seminar on, vol.
Street artist Bansky used an image of Apple founder Steve Jobs in one of his most famous graffiti murals.
At the Hexpol Compounding booth: Tracy Garrison and Mary Beth Bansky.
A famous stencil by graffiti artist Bansky, reworked to depict a Syrian refugee girl with a heart-shaped balloon, was projected on Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square.
Oscilloscope is known for the haunting drama "We Need to Talk About Kevin," the Bansky documentary "Exit Through the Gift Shop," and "The Messenger," starring Woody Harrelson.
AICafE Tuesday, 10th July 2012, 8:00 PM Screening of "Exit through the gift shop", a documentary by Bansky (renowned British graffiti artist) With Wisam Salsaa An art agent who worked with him in Palestine Bansky is famous all around the world for his intricate stencil images with ironic socio-political content.
Bristol City Council spent a modest amount of money trying to clean up the works of world-famous graffiti-artist Bansky in the early 2000s.
An inspiration for Megid and the greatest contemporary graffitist is the British Bansky -- his actual identity is unknown to avoid arrest.
Jaffe says pop art today has a more urban feel, with artists like Britto, Bansky, Mr.
Intriguing in a very different way was the much-awaited Exit Through the Gift Shop, the first film by Bansky, the world's most famous street artist.
One of his claims to fame includes working alongside the enigmatic Bansky and Jamie Hewitt, the co-creator of the animated band, Gorrilaz.