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in 20th-century South African history, territory that was set aside under apartheidapartheid
[Afrik.,=apartness], system of racial segregation peculiar to the Republic of South Africa, the legal basis of which was largely repealed in 1991–92. History
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 for black South Africans and slated for eventual independence. Ten bantustans (later generally referred to as homelands), covering 14% of the country's land, were created from the former "native reserves." Four were proclaimed independent—TranskeiTranskei
, former black "homeland" and nominal republic, E South Africa, in what is now Eastern Cape prov. Transkei was bounded by the Great Kei River on the south, by the Indian Ocean on the east, by Natal (now Kwazulu-Natal) on the north, and by Lesotho on the northwest.
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 (1976), BophuthatswanaBophuthatswana
, former black "homeland" and nominal republic, c.17,000 sq mi (44,000 sq km), N South Africa. Bophuthatswana comprised seven separate areas, one along the Botswana border, the remainder enclaves within N and central South Africa.
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 (1977), VendaVenda
, former black "homeland" and nominal republic, NE South Africa. It comprised two connected areas near the Zimbabwe border in what is now Limpopo prov. Kruger National Park bordered on its northeast, and the former homeland of Gazankulu bordered on the southeast.
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 (1979), and CiskeiCiskei
, former black "homeland" and nominal republic, SE South Africa, in what is now Eastern Cape prov. Surrounded by the former Cape Province of South Africa, it consisted of two parcels of land, the larger one bordering the Indian Ocean to the southeast.
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 (1981)—but no foreign government recognized them as independent nations. Citizens of independent homelands lost the limited rights they had as South Africans. Under the South African constitution that was approved in 1993 and ended white rule, South African citizenship was restored to homeland residents, and the homelands were abolished.


(formerly, in South Africa) an area reserved for occupation by a Black African people, with limited self-government; abolished in 1993
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Kgosi Lebone's opposition to the Bantustans brought him into conflict with Lucas Mangope, who detained the Bafokeng king and harassed him until he was forced to flee to neighbouring Botswana.
The Palestinians did not sacrifice and suffer so greatly over the past century so that we could live as humiliated slaves in ghettoes and bantustans controlled by a system of apartheid and racial discrimination.
History and geography played a pivotal role in shaping the Eastern Cape first into Bantustans and later the Eastern Cape Province in a democratic South Africa (SA) (Figs.
There is a certain climate of opinion that entertains the terrible notion that Palestinian statehood is impossible, and that the Palestinians must therefore accept the Bantustan system that now exists in the West Bank and live under a system of discrimination.
Therefore, it became apparently clear that whatever one did in the context of the Bantustans, it was likely to be exploited for self-aggrandisement, by the White world.
Ultimately, Palestinian Bantustans pose a greater threat to Israeli security than Hamas rockets.
We visited the Bantustans, the puppet black 'states' within South Africa, set up by apartheid to pretend the country's blacks were not South African, but citizens of Ciskei, Transkei and other Orwellian deceptions.
What about the facts on the ground enabled by Israel's military occupation-- expanding settlements, land annexations, check-points, the Apartheid Wall, and the creation of Bantustans in the West Bank?
That was more than two months ago and, despite the warm talk of "reconciliation" the factions remain divided, unable to agree on absurdities such as who will "govern" Palestinian bantustans conveniently known as "Area A".
Our state would be little more than disconnected Bantustans.
Set in a post-apartheid South Africa, the novel describes two doctors and their clashing personalities, which threaten to disrupt their hospital in the abandoned South African bantustans.
The concept of 'grand' apartheid enforced territorial segregation through the system of Bantustans.