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The blond actress playing Barb in the stripping scene arrived for her audition in a pink barbie sweatshirt and is, in fact, a stripper in "real life," thereby doubling not only Pamela Anderson in Barb Wire but also Anderson's cartoon avatar, Erotica Jones/Stripperella.
True, the police in Barb Wire dress and act like the Gestapo.
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Simply take our coupon to your local UCI cinema from today and exchange it for a free Barb Wire ticket.
NNA - An Israeli patrol trespassed Kfarshouba barb wires at 9:55 pm on Monday, registering presence20 meters inside the Lebanese territories then left after a few minutes, Lebanese Army communique said.
At 12:30 pm and in a flagrant assault against the citizens of borderline villages, an Israeli patrol trespassed Rmeish village-South Lebanon barb wires and abducted a Lebanese citizen then drove him inside the occupied Palestinian territories," Army statement read.