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(organic chemistry)
C11H9O2NCl2 A white, crystalline compound with a melting point of 75-76°C; used as a postemergence herbicide of wild oats in barley, flax, lentil, mustard, and peas.



a substance for controlling wild oats in wheat and barley crops and weeds in oat crops.

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1 location for businesses to move to and encourage business investment in Florida," said Barbar, a broker with Keller Williams Realty Services in Boca Raton.
Waitrose's Middle East partner Fine Fare Food Market (FFFM), which also operates Spinney's in Dubai, bought the Jawad stores in Nuwaidrat and Barbar outright in July 2012.
I thought it might be informative to compare the Barbar with a modern ancestor, in the guise of a 12-gauge Mossberg Model 500 Trench Gun with a Cylinder bore, 20-inch barrel and a weight of 714 pounds.
On this occasion, Sir Michael Barbar also delivered a special lecture on the development planning.
The Prime Minister appreciated the good work of Sir Michael Barbar for Punjab's education sector and affirmed to replicate it at the national level.
Det Supt Barbar a Franklin, who is leading the investigation, said: We know there werethree girls on the back seats, and also a group of three young men andan elderly woman on the bus.
Raj Sidhu, Makhan Singh Ghattaura, Anjum Khan and John and Barbar Siddiq at the ICC.
If you like bands like Swarm of the Lotus, Anodyne, Sweet Cobra and Cream Abdul Barbar etc, this is a must.
Excavated by Danish colleagues, the settlement site at Qala'at al-Bahrain and the temples near the village of Barbar four kilometers distant are two of the most important sites in the Persian/Arabian Gulf.
Pictured, from left, Lyn Cain, Barbar Chandler, Ann Horne, managing partner Philip Rooney, Jane Abraham and Cheryl Bretherton
By Barbar Conable's time (1986-1991), the same expansionary bias which proved invaluable earlier had turned into a liability in a changing world.
Lead plaintiff Caesar Barbar, 56, who weighs 20 stone and is diabetic, said: "I always thought it was good for you.