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Barbour, John

(bär`bər), c.1316?–1395, Scottish poet. He was archdeacon of Aberdeen from 1355 until his death. His romance, The Bruce (1375), celebrating Scotland's emancipation from England, recounts the heroic deeds of Robert I and Sir James Douglas. The poem was meant to be read as history and shows remarkable accuracy. Barbour's authorship of a fragmentary Troy-Book and the Buik of Alexander is disputed.
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We get an insight into the legacy of Mrs Barbour and her life-long commitment to women and children's welfare performed by a wonderful cast - Anna Hepburn as Mary, Gail Watson as Gracie and yours truly playing Joan, as well as the brave bold, red Clydesider, Mary Barbour herself.
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Theatre Royal chief executive Philip Bernays said: "We are extremely grateful to Dame Margaret and the Foundation for their generous support and also very proud of our long-standing association with Barbour, one of the most important and influential fashion brands in the world.
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The sector also experienced a major increase of residential units reaching the contract award stage in February at 14,455 which is the highest recorded figure since Barbour ABI began tracking this data and almost 50 per cent higher than 12 months ago.