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surname, probably meaning lightning, given members of a powerful Carthaginian family: see Hamilcar BarcaHamilcar Barca,
d. 229 or 228 B.C., Carthaginian general. He was assigned the command in Sicily in 247 in the First Punic War (see Punic Wars). From mountain bases near Palermo he made repeated raids on the Romans and relieved the Punic garrison in Lilybaeum.
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; HannibalHannibal
, b. 247 B.C., d. 183 or 182 B.C. Carthaginian general, an implacable and formidable enemy of Rome. Although knowledge of him is based primarily on the reports of his enemies, Hannibal appears to have been both just and merciful. He is renowned for his tactical genius.
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; HasdrubalHasdrubal,
d. 207 B.C., Carthaginian general; son of Hamilcar Barca. During the Second Punic War (see Punic Wars), his brother Hannibal, on leaving for Italy, made Hasdrubal commander in Spain.
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Cyrenaica (Benghazi-Barce) Was Conquered By Arab Muslims During The Reign Of Caliph Umar In 643/44 AD,AaAeAeA And Became Known AsAaAeAeA Barce Was Annexed To Egypt, Yet Still Under The Same Name, 1st Under The FatimidAaAeAeA Caliphs And Later Under The Ayyubid And MamlukAaAeAeA Sultan
According to Barce, the company, especially the in-house counsel, should have a deep understanding of how its data is managed.
Barce were in better shape, condition and form, whereas we were without Ribery, which is like Barcelona playing without [Lionel] Messi.
12) Examples of sieges in Herodotus: Sardis 1,80-86; Samos 3,54-56; Babylon 3,151-155; Barce 4,200; Paros 6,133-135; the Acropolis at Athens 8,52; Thebes 9,86-88.
Foram individuados especialmente tetradracmas de padrao asiatico de Cirene e de Barce, datados do seculo IV a.
possib "We know what we are capable of and we saw it in the two games - against Hearts and then ag Moth Barce Motherwell - before we played Barcelona.
de JosaCano Tembleque, Barce lona, Editorial Anagrama.
In Barce [located between Benghazi and Derna] the Franciscan Sisters of the Child Jesus will leave their home in coming days.
AN American soccer team played Real Madrid, Barce Benfica are in Wales this w Boston Braves are calling to the Czech Republic and Cardiff Academicals FC Ve Saturday (11am).
xvi: la "Comoedia quae inscribitur Margarita" del padre Juan Bonifacio>>, en PASCUAL BARCE, J.
Doctor en Filosofia por la Universidad Ramon Llull de Barce lona, Espana.
Las palabras de la musica: escritos de Ramon Barce.