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Barclays Bank


one of the largest British joint-stock commercial (deposit) banks. One of the “Big Five.”

Barclays Bank arose as a private bank in the 17th century and became Barclay and Company in 1896. Since 1917, Barclays Bank has swallowed up over 80 other banks. It heads the Barclay bank group, which includes the subsidiary banks Barclays Bank (France) and Barclays Bank (Dominion, Colonial and Overseas), which has about 1,700 branches in Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, and elsewhere.

Barclays Bank collaborates with the major banks of Belgium, the USA, West Germany, and other countries. It is linked by personal ties with large military, machine-building, shipbuilding, metallurgical, chemical, and other concerns (such as the Vickers and Ford Motor firms), and major shipping and insurance companies. It handles all types of banking activity. The Barclay group has over 5,000 branches (putting it in first place among capitalist banks in number of branches), 3,400 of which are in England and Wales. In 1968, Barclays Bank merged with Britain’s sixth largest bank, Martins Bank. At the beginning of 1969, the consolidated bank had a joint-stock capital of £83.4 million, reserves of £86.1 million, a balance of £6 billion, deposits of £5.3 billion, loans of £2.7 billion, bills discounted of £300 million, and investments of £700 million.


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Speaking to the Star in South Africa, Barclays Africa Group CEO Maria Ramos said the African subsidiary is working with Barclays PLC to successfully separate processes, policies and systems in a way that will not cause any unnecessary disruption.
Former Barclays Plc CEO, Antony Jenkins, said that big banks have no advantage over financial technology start-ups when it comes to artificial intelligence.
This results in accounting deconsolidation of Barclays Africa from Barclays PLC.
At the beginning of the year, tensions were run- ning high in the head office of Barclays Africa Group (BAGL) in Johannesburg, with stories be- ing thrown around of banking giant Barclays PLC -- the multinational and systemically important bank registered in the UK -- planning on pulling out of Africa.
As the rumour mill churned, BAGL executives allegedly sent out a circular to all employees to allay concerns: in short, the notice assured employees that Barclays PLC, the bank that owns 62.
Barclays Plc was clear that the decision behind its sell-down was not related to South Africa's economic environment but rather due to the regulatory burden that Barclays Plc faces in the UK.
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According to the organisation, Barclays Plc is accused of making as much as GBP340m a year from its 'food speculative activities,' the biggest by any bank in the UK.
Mr Hoffman, 47, is married with two children and has been with Barclays plc since 1982, joining after he graduated in economics from Cambridge University.
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Standard chartered (LSE: STAN) has stepped up hiring of wealth managers from Barclays Plc (LSE: BARC), as the firm is transferring its business to Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp (OCBC) (SES:039) in Hong Kong.