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Good," said he, as he went away; "this is a fruitful soil, and I feel certain that the seed sown will not be cast on barren ground.
However, this dream was high on my bucket list, so when Bowhunter TV Host Mike Carney asked if I would be interested in traveling to Alaska's North Slope to bowhunt central barren ground caribou, 1 jumped at the chance.
Notwithstanding its vast inequalities, the UK - or to be precise, its largest component, England - is, like Israel, barren ground for progressive politics.
We are all blessed with the ability to turn a barren ground into a valley of flowers, to bring laughter into a dejected person's life, to change this world with a positive disposition that transmits good vibrant, positive energy to all the cracked pots we come across or for that matter the cracked pot residing in us.
THE lighter side of Child Protection Services might seem like pretty barren ground for comedy.
PLAYHOUSE PRESENTS: DAMNED (9pm Sky Arts 1) THE lighter side of Child Protection Services might seem pretty barren ground for comedy.
Chapter Three takes a close look at Ellen Glasgow's Barren Ground and its main character, Dorinda Oakley.
Chuck Adams was years away from coining the "Super Slam" term encompassing North America's 27--now 29, with the inclusion of central barren ground caribou and California Tule elk.
I recall the melancholic scene in Basra after the second war, with the rows of these noble trees stuck into the barren ground like wooden pillars with their heads chopped off.
With the image seeping off the paper, Jimenez continues his depiction of the barren ground that supports the macabre tower on the gallery wall.
No great surprise that the Conservative candidate polled only 133 votes in Sparkbrook, which even in the best of times for Tories is pretty barren ground.
As we leave, the women sing us the song they use to inspire them to greater efforts in the field, to lift their productivity, as if what they do - turning such barren ground, in such hostile conditions, in continual heat and oppressive humidity - is not hard enough.